About me

🤔 Who I am?

Spanish Information Systems Engineer halfway between Madrid and Valencia.
Also, I'm a computer and consumer electronics enthusiast.

Preparing for my master's degree in Software Systems Engineering and Technology, while I move from home and trying to learn something new everyday.

🧰 What are your favorite technologies?

I prefer Front to Back, but I've done both. Aslo, I consider myself as a good professional and connoisseur of the elearning world in specific edX

I've to choose which languages and technologies I prefer would be:

  • Vue.js as web front framework
    • I'm really familiar with NuxtJS for SSR and Static Sites
    • Also, I hve done several personal projects with Gridsome for Static Sites
    • Last but not least, I've done some projects with Vue PWA
  • Node.js for quick backend prototyping
  • Python for the everyday scripting
  • I've been working with edX for two years, doing maintenance and development
  • PostgreSQL always on my team

In addition to the above, I also work with Java, Kotlin, Swift, PHP, C++, Matlab, MySQL, MongoDB....

🔬 Any technology interests to learn about?

I'm looking to start with mobile development with SwiftUI and Jetpack Compose.
Also, I intend to do things with Erlang or Elixir in the near future.

🔮 Any upcoming projects?

Soon I will start helping in a research line on technology applied to medicine, helping in the technical part of the data analysis by two biologists.