🤔 What is enClase?

During 2020, the Polytechnic School of Alcalá decided to develop an application that could control capacity and face-to-face attendance to class during the Covid-19 pandemic
As the system progressed, it was mutating to adapt to a system that manages the attendance of students to any subject

🔨 How does enClase works?

enClase is a Fullstack PWA based on:

🔬 Some tech related things about it?

It supports i18n thanks to Vue-i18n. In order to work as a PWA, HTTPS is mandatory, and was a really interesting thing learn how to redirect traffic to it through different docker containers with nginx and only having the 80/443 port opened.
The school's cybersecurity group assisted in improving protection and attacks

🔮 What could be seen in the future?

We're integreting it with the University SSO to make it even more secure.
And, who knows what else? Maybe a native app with biometric, NFC and QR scanner? Time will tell