🤔 What is Fagolambda?

Science is not something for a few, knowledge must be shared.

This is a space for people to get to see how exciting and curious biology is. Here you will find articles on biological curiosities explained for everyone, because the basis of science is communication.

You can read articles as varied and on different topics as neurobiology (how some blind people are able to dodge objects), parasitology (snails that allow themselves to be eaten), general physiology (Why does your heart beat?)

🔨 How does Fagolambda works?

Fagolambda uses a JAMStack architecture composed of:

🚀 And the work flow?

  • A new article is posted on the CMS.
  • A pull request is made on Github with the new article
  • Netlify recives a trigger to start the build
  • It gets the latest code sources and article Markdown files from Github
  • All pages are generated (or get from cache) as static files that are serverd

🔮 What could be seen in the future?

Shortly we will launch a very special twitter account, and probably a python bot will be added in order to create automatic tweets.
Also, maybe an RSS or a mobile application.
We will see!